As this cheese is entirely handmade, each individual cheese produced is different. The form of each cheese made is unique, and so a unique number is given to each one.

IIts manufactureemploys very few toolsjust like 90 years ago, when Carlo del Clat began producing it.

foto2The milk, the hand, the stone

Focal to this process is the use of a special local stone known as La Pietra di Lucerne, which is used to press each cheese into shape.


Furthermore tradition requires for this cheese to be served on a slab of the Pietra di Luserna in one of two ways: sliced and served on the cold stone, or sliced and served on a preheated stone.
This can be done by heating the stone slowly to a temperature of 200 degrees. This is well worth a try as it gives this cheese another dimension of both smell and avour.




In order to give you the possibility of enjoying this cheese in this truly traditional way, we have enclosed a base of pietra di Luserna with each packet of cheese.






La Tuma dla Pietra

Packaging of 500 gr.

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MILK, salt and rennet.

Shelf life
60 days from packing date.

Appearence and dimensions
Block shaped form of ca. 500gr. in weight, measuring 6.5cm by 12cm by 6.5. The top bears the Carlo del Clat trademark.

Liquid calf rennet.

Inherent characteristics
Deep and intense aromas of milk, yeast, butter and hay. Its taste is predominantly sweet with a faint bitter nuance. Its texture is moderately thick and slightly elastic.
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- Whole form of La Tuma dla Pietra of ca. 500 gr wrapped in ramie ber cloth and inclusive of a Pietra di Luserna base.

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